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A real-time, embeddable audio & video analysis framework

 Latest insight: oZone and Industrial IIOT sensors - bridging the gap

A beautifully designed framework that makes it easy to connect analytics and actions to video/audio feeds

Industry Verticals

Enterprise IoT


Monitor liquid spillage/boiling levels etc. Use audio and/or video analysis for remote alerts for unconnected/legacy devices.

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commercial & home

Motion detection, person and object detection. Face recognition. Trainable to recognize new data sets (example, tattoos)

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inventory & customers

Real time inventory stock detection using advanced image classification. Identify customer profiles - age/gender/style of clothes. People tracking.


violations & parking

License plate detection, tracking parking slots for violations, traffic stop motion and object detection and analysis.

Key Features


oZone Networks is a startup based in Maryland USA & Bristol UK. We have over 15+ years experience in video based solutions and embedded development. We've built various successful video analysis solutions in the past, including ZoneMinder, which is one of the most popular open source CCTV solutions in the market today.

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